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3 - 6 of March, Palace of Varna

The fair opening is postponed for 3rd of March because of poor weather conditions.

Manufacturers of beekeeping equipment and consumables from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Mexico, China and more.
Broad media support from local and national TV, radio and newspapers.
Active online advertising in beekeeping groups and forums.
Over 20,000 beekeepers with more than 850,000 bee families expecting the best opportunities for a season
Expected 2,000+ visitors per day in a convenient place and time before the start of the active season.

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For its 2nd edition, Bee Happy Expo aims at presenting to its visitors the opportunity to plan and purchase the equipment and supplies for the next season. Renowned lectors from Bulgaria and abroad will speak about the latest developments for bees health, hive monitoring, apitherapies and EU apiculture programs. Among the topics for the last day are also Development of international B2B2C honey production network, Benefits of pollination union, and more.

Lectures - The schedule is being updated and will be available by the end ot the day.

Saturday, 3rd March

14.00 h Silent queen bee replacement - Milos Corbic, Serbia
16.00 h - Modern practices in bee feeding - Assoc. Prof. Juliyan Stanchev

Sunday, 4th March

9.30 h Bee diseases under the supervision of World Organisation For Animal Health - Prof. Dr. Kalinka Gurgulova
10.30 h Queen bees production and fast technique of increasing bee families - Dimitar Kukushev
11.30 h - Technique of swarm prevention for increased honey gain: - Engr. Mihail Mihaylov

Monday, 5th March

09.30 h Hidden perils for beekeepers health - Doc. Dr. Plamen Hristov
10.30 h Bee pollen – food for humans and bees - Goran Milenkov
11.30 h - Rural Development 2014-2020 г. - The European program for agriculture development - Anna Petrova, chief expert in "Rural Developement" in Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry


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3-6 of March, 2018

Palace of Varna

Varna, Bulgaria
115 Knyaz Boris I blvd
+359 899809313
+359 894625211
Bee Happy